TOKYO MARUI - Samurai Edge Albert W. Model 01 (GBB) [Limited Model]


Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui

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TOKYO MARUI - Samurai Edge Albert Wesker Model 01 (GBB) [Limited Model]

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Gas BlowBack (GBB) Handgun Samurai Edge Albert Wesker Model 01 (GBB) [Limited Model]
■ Adjustable Hop Up
■ Decocking System
■ Semi Auto


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Big surprise! The new downloadable "add-on" to the Biohazard 7 (Resident Evil 7) called 「Not A Hero」 will star Chris Redfield equipped with the Samurai Edge "Albert W. Model 01" ("W" for "Wesker")!
Chris forever enemy Wesker... why does Chris Redfield use Wesker's Samurai Edge? What's about the "Albert W. System Unit"? … Why the Samurai Edge Albert W. Model 01 that helped Ethan had a black frame? All those questions will find an answer very soon through Tokyo Marui's official website!

▼Albert W. Model replica gas gun
■ The thick Brigadier slide shows the 《S.T.A.R.S.》 markings on the left side and 《ALBERT.W.MODEL 01》 markings on the right side.
■ The Samurai Edge is supposed to be made out from heavy duty duralumin material. For the replica the frame  is sandblasted and coated with a very hard resin material resulting in a "not too bright" silver finish that mimics metal.
■ The frame has a 20mm Picatinny under rail and features a long beaver tail and a square type trigger guard. The grip front and back checkering is special to the Wesker model.
■ Wide magazine catch & Long Slide Stop are featured.
■ Hybrid Custom Grips : Wooden like and rubber parts for a better handling.
■ The grip panels feature the 《S.T.A.R.S.》 golden medallion. On this particular model the logo shows Wesker's color, the black.
■ The Samurai Edge Albert W. Model 01 is based on the Tokyo Marui M9A1 and features a wider cylinder for a stronger recoil action.
■ Adjustable Hop Up System.
■ Decocking System that allows the shooter to decock the hammer and put the gun into safety mode.

▼Albert W. System Unit
■ The AWM Rail Stabilizer allows the attachment of the 14mm CCW type silencer and 20mm Picatinny rail compatible flash light that are included. The Umbrella Corporation logo is visible on the front.
■ The muzzle attachment of the AWM Rail Stabilizer can be covered with thee screw cover when the slincer is not used.
■ The AWM Hexagon Silencer has foam on the inside that lower the noise from the front when shooting. It features a lock system that prevents the silencer from spinning and makes the attachment easier.
■ The AWM Light Adapter Module features an LED light that lights unitil 15 meters. The switch is a push on button, it is necessary to push on the button to light up. The Light Adapter Modul can also be attached directly to the Samurai Edge under rail.

▼Other features
■ Special gun case with a serial number

※AWMレイルスタビライザーとAWMヘキサゴン・サイレンサーは、「サムライエッジ〈アルバート.W.モデル 01〉」専用品です。他の製品への取り付けには対応していません。

TypeAutomatic handgun
Caliber6mm BB
Shooting systemGas / HFC134a
Length225 mm / 235 mm (with AMW Rail Stabilizer only) / 395 mm (with every accessories attached)
Barrel length115 mm
Weight980 g (gun only) AWM Hexagon Silencer : 150 g AWM Rail Stabilizer : 75 g / 70 g (without screw cover) AWM Light Adapter Module : 90 g
Capacity26 + 1 bbs
Frame / receiverABS
Power (velocity)Regarding the Japanese policy about airsoft guns, the muzzle energy is under 0.98 joules. Manufacturers do not provide exact velocity information.
Tho. 05/10/2017

Samurai Edge d'Albert Wesker version Resident Evil 7

Superbe réplique du pistolet de l'ex capitaine des S.T.A.R.S.
Tous les modes sont agréable et facile à installer, la prise en main est agréable et malgré sa taille il n'est pas gênant. De plus la mallette est très belle. Le seul hic est les fascicules : pour ceux qui ne savent pas lire le Japonais la tâche est ardue. Mais je suis entièrement satisfais de mon achat !

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