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TOKYO MARUI - Thor's Hammer (Electric Shotgun) Limited Edition RESERVATION


Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui

Condition: New

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The THOR'S HAMMER is a limited edition of the SGR-12, the second Automatic Electric Shotgun (AES) by Tokyo Marui (3 barrels, 3 hop-up, 30 bbs/sec.) developped by Tokyo Marui with Capcom under the BIOHAZARD / RESIDENT EVIL license.


① please contact us by email at : contact[at]

② put as your email title "Reservation request for TM SGR-12"

③ show how many SGR-12s, standard straight magazines (the ones with red shotshells inside) or electric drum magazines

④ let us know your full name and shipping address

You will receive a reservation number that will allow you the be priority over other customers once the SGAR-12 is available to order. Orders will be available once Tokyo Marui announces the retail price (MSRP) and the release date.

!!!! Please only reserve if you are sure about your purchase. Thank you for your understanding !!!!

999 999 Yen

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THOR'S HAMMER ELECTRIC SHOTGUN : An original Tokyo Marui & Capcom design for the Resident Evil / Biohazard license.

THOR'S HAMMER Limited Edition specs :
・13.5 inches outer barrel
・Specific laser markings
・"C CUTTER" design handguard
・New design butt stock
・Green shotshellmagazine (96bbs capacity)

Specs in common with the SGR-12 :

・CNC aluminum handguard, upper receiver & rails

・The front rail uses the "M-LOK" attachment design (3, 5, 7 slots - 1 rail for each for a total of 3 rails included - spare rails will be sold separately in a near future)

・Adjustable front and rear sights

・Short magazine guide rail

・Half skeleton type magazine with visible cartridges

・Front sling adapter that can be set on both sides of the SGR-12

・TD type grip, other M4 AEG type grips can be attached

・Semi & full auto 3 shot system (3 bbs per shot)

・"3 cylinders gearbox"

・The full auto mode can shoot a maximum of 10 shots (30bbs) per second (1800bbs per minute)

・Adjustable Hop Up system (3 setting wheels for each of the 3 barrels)

・FET electronic trigger control

・"Kashima coat" nozzle guide (autolubricant technology)

・Metal inner frame

・Battery is set into the stock

・Uses Mini S battery


  • 3 Cylinders Gearbox : Tokyo Marui has developed a brand new gearbox design especially for the AA-12 (and reused on the SGR-12), a pretty unique design as it features 3 individual cylinders that allows this AES (Automatic Electric Shotgun) to shoot 3 bbs simultaneously. The pressure on the trigger will make the shot happen and reload the next 3 bbs. The nozzle guide uses a new material called Kashima Coat (made by a Japanese company) that autolubricate itself. Everything has been thought so that the electric gearbox can shoot 3 bbs at a time, even in full auto mode, the smoothest possible.

  • Full & Semi Auto : The Tokyo Marui SGR-12 can shoot semi and full auto mode.

  • FET : In order to prevent electric damage the SGR-12 is equipped with a FET that controls the electric current when shooting. It allows a better response from the trigger and helps the 3 BBs shooting system to cycle correctly.

  • 3 Hop Up Chambers : The SGR-12 has 3 individual hop chambers (one for each 3 inner barrels) that can be adjusted through the setting wheels hidden behind the ejection port. This new system allows to widen the bbs' trajectory.

  • Adjustable Sights : Front and rear sights can be adjusted.

  • Box Type Magazine : A 93rds spare magazine is included. It is checked oin the outside for a better grip when reloading and also allows to hold the AA-12 with the weak hand on the magazine.


※ Impulse101 recommends the use of genuine Tokyo Marui Mini S Battery 8.4V Nimh 1300mAh (sold separately)

Contents :

  • 1 Tokyo Marui SGR-12
  • 1 Standard magazine (93 rds)
  • 1 Safety cap
  • 1 User manual
  • 1 BB loader tube
  • 1 Cleaning rod
TypeAutomatic Shotgun
Caliber6mm BB
Shooting systemElectric / MINI S Battery
Length*** mm
Barrel length*** mm
Weight*** g
Capacity93 rounds
Gearbox (mechabox)AES Gearbox
Frame / receiverCNC aluminum & ABS with metal inner frame
Power (velocity)Regarding the Japanese policy about airsoft guns, the muzzle energy is under 0.98 joules. Manufacturers do not provide exact velocity information.

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