Impulse101 is a French and English speaking airsoft online shop based in Japan. We are a team of Franco-Japanese airsoft enthusiasts working from Kyoto, the cultural center of Japan.

Everything began in 2013 by the establishment of a shopping service (deputee service), Pulse Airsoft, which provided Japanese airsoft products that are hard to find in Europe or in America. This first website was initiated by Julien, today's Impulse101 manager, a French established in Japan. After a few months, Pulse Airsoft becomes more official and gets a new naming (name that we will not mention on this website). A catalog with a product line up appears and a request section is added so that you could ask for whatever you were looking for (airsoft related products of course).

This new website was a success. Nevertheless, the two managers of the website, Julien and Kenji, decided to leave the company for some managing reasons and created Impulse101 (the website they were in charge of was about to close though).

Welcome on !

Impulse101 is a "Japan made" airsoft products specialist. Our network with suppliers and makers allows us to provide almost every available items you could find in Japan! You can find some very famous brands such as : Tokyo Marui, KSC, Tanaka Works, Maruzen, Marushin, Hartford, Top Japan, Crown, Laylax, etc.

Beyond the catalog that us growing everyday, you will find a request page with which you will be able to inquire for products that may not be registered on our website or genuine spare parts that we will get for you directly from makers' stocks.

Our small team tries its best everyday to satisfy our customers with quality Japan made products and rare items. Despite the distance (12 hours flight to Paris or London, same to USA West Coast) we wish you could experience shopping on Impulse101 as if we were a shop located at the corner of your street.

Legal Information

IMPULSE101.JP is owned by KOMETO Ltd. (Address: 601-8212 Kyoto-shi, Minami-ku, Kuze, Kamikuze-cho 663, Japan) Incorporated under Japanese law (founded in January 1990).

Opening Hours

IMPULSE101.JP is opened from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 5 pm.
We are closed on week ends and national public holidays.