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【Major features】

All evolution is for accuracy
The "APS-3" is a model that can be said to be synonymous with air sports guns for precision shooting competitions. Everything was originally designed to combine the latest concept and style with the air sports gun. This product, which was originally created by Maruzen, is equipped with specifications that surpass the famous machine "APS-1 Grand Master" that has reigned at the top for a long time, and is playing an active part as a standard model suitable for towing the APS cup. .. The APS-3 was developed with the goal of "further improving the accuracy of the hit", and the industry's first "Comppressed Air" was adopted as the key firing method. In terms of functionality, the adjustment points for each part such as the trigger, grip, and sight have been enhanced to bring the overall silhouette closer to the air pistol of a real gun.

What is Compressed Air?

Due to the structure of the conventional spring-based cocking air, the piston moves forward vigorously in the cylinder after pulling the trigger, so a shock (: impact) occurs at that moment. This release shock causes the gun to vibrate slightly, which greatly affects the accuracy of the hit. Therefore, the compressed air method was adopted as a method to further reduce the release shock. In cocking air, the air is compressed and released at the same time as the piston moves forward, but in compressed air, the air is first compressed by the piston, and when the trigger is pulled, the striker hits the valve and releases the air. It has the advantage that release shock is less likely to occur than the cocking air method.

Stainless Steel Sear A/B (Ver.2020.1) & Stainless Steel Sear Pin
★In order to improve the sharpness of the shear, which is one of the most important characteristics in precision shooting, the custom shear made of machined stainless steel has been redesigned for the LE2021. Taking advantage of the high hardness and precision machining of stainless steel, we have designed a "sharp focus" that makes the joint surface between sears A and B shallower than normal zinc sears, shortening the movement of the 2nd stage. I'm here. When you pull the trigger, you should be able to clearly feel the sear drop with a click.
★Aiming to achieve a more highly adjusted mechanical trigger, we also pursued precision in the selection of the shear pin. We manufacture stainless steel pins using centerless material that boasts high dimensional change, and are finished with high precision of "outer diameter ∅3.0mm tolerance +0.0/-0.010". The combination of a stainless steel sear and a stainless steel sear pin made with high dimensional accuracy realizes a high quality mechanical trigger with almost no sear rattling.

Stainless steel trigger pin
★The same stainless steel trigger pin as the shear pin is used. We have minimized the "dimensional tolerance" for the rotation axis, and improved the trigger touch to make it less wobbly when the trigger is pulled. You can always drop the sear with a stable trigger pull.

Trigger pull tune
★Aiming to improve the trigger work at the time of firing, the trigger pull is set differently from the normal model (: APS-3 OR). For the LE2021, the 1st stage pull (the force that pulls the free part of the trigger) is set at around 300g, and the 2nd stage pull (the force that pulls further to release the joint of the sear) is set at around 250g. With a sharp stainless steel shear and a lighter pull on the 2nd stage, you can expect the effect of further suppressing the "drawing blur at the moment of shooting".
《LE2021 model trigger pull setting》
1st stage [around 300g] + 2nd stage [around 250g] ≒ 550g 《Regular (OR) model trigger pull setting》
1st stage [around 200g] + 2nd stage [around 350g] ≒ 550g

Since the LE2021 model has abolished the sear C function, it does not have a "seer C spring" (: included). Due to individual differences in products, we do not promise that the trigger pull of all products will be within the setting range. note that.

Caliber6mm BB
Shooting systemSpring (air cocking) / Manual reloading
Barrel length220mm
Capacity6 shots
Power (velocity)Regarding the Japanese policy about airsoft guns, the muzzle energy is under 0.98 joules. Manufacturers do not provide exact velocity information.

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